"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Friday, August 19, 2005

Sexuality Switch Up!

Ahh another wonderful early morning, late night. So my last month or so has been really fucking hectic. A lot of things going on, outside of my own personal stuff, that has required a good portion of my mental and emotional energy.

Now it is all starting to wind down. Thank God. It is definitely not a moment too soon. I was begining to wonder how much more resolve I had in me before I'd break. At least I know that I have a lot.

New job offers are pouring in. Good timing for that too, as the savings I've been using for the past year of 'clear my mind time' is begining to wear thin. A couple of the offers are worthwhile and one (for a 'friend' who owns a software company) gives me the option to work from home, be paid well, and schedule my own hours. Now that I'm down with. Who knows, I may end up back with the family HVAC stuff shortly -- it seems they need me. Or need me to teach a few people there some things I was involved in.

I believe in setting little goals for yourself that step towards your long term objective. So, I've laid those out. What's left of my 'life goals' is now on the table and being worked towards. Well, maybe not the last of my goals -- but the last one that I'm pressed for.

Very few things excite me or impress me. At least it makes me easier to please.

I do need to get my ass re-focused and go back to the doctors. I have never scheduled the second biopsy for my thyroid -- dumbass... dumbass... dumbass. This will serve as a reminder to myself to fuckin do it.

Anyway.. so tonight (Friday) was kinda fun. I missed out (I think) on hanging out with someone .. and got a call from my straight friend to come hang out. So I drove down to Edgemere (Dundalk, whatever you call it) and picked him up. Cool guy, 25, kinda redneck - but he's fun to hang around. So we (he) decide to go over to this strip bar called Skins and off we go..

For a tit bar it wasn't too bad. The crowd looked decent, they weren't very loud or annoying (except for the one drunk dude who insisted on talking to me half the night), and the girls -- well at least most of them looked 'clean.'

We drank, he tipped, I watched the crowd and tried to ignore the drunk dude .. and then on the prowl came this kinda older looking asian dancer girl. She headed over to where my friend and I were at the bar, stooped down and started talking to him. Although, while she was talking to him .. she kept looking over at me. I'm really into the dick thing, despite having a bisexual tendency, so it really did nothing for me. More annoying than anything else....

....Anyway a few moments later and BOOM. There she was. Typical conversation ensued - where ya from, how old, yada yada.. I humored the conversation and then she said "I'm going to go write my number down, call me and let's go out and party together!" and off she went.

My friend was not pleased. He started making comments about how typical it is that he goes out with a fag to a titty bar and the fag winds up getting the dancers number when he wants to bone her.

I told him I'd sell the number to him for a beer, but he wasn't buying it. Damn it.

Anyway, so she drops her number off and goes back to finish her set or whatever. We drink our beers, hang out a little more and then decide to go. I didn't wanna stay and drink or get drunk when I have to drive home on some back roads and shit.

So into da jeep and onward to heteros house we ride... pimpin some tunes.... and discussing the evening..

B O O M mutha fuckin B O O M (( that's supposed to sound climatic!))

He starts asking me what its like to suck dick, have a guy suck your dick, if I ever fucked a guy before, and if I'd LET a guy fuck me...

So he's talking all freaky and shit .. like a mix between being really buzzed and about to bust a nut. So I am trying to drive and watch him to make sure he isn't jerking off in my ride ( i dont want no one spreadin their seed in my jeep - making it smell like clorox) or attempting to reach for me.... Cause - while he's not unattractive - I'm just not out to be fooling around with other people at the time. Plus this is my anti-homosexual friend at that.. which made it all that much more uncomfortable.

So on the way to his house (which luckily was really close) i have to field more questions like "do you think I'm hot?" "I'd goto a gay bar with you" "You wanna come in, have a beer, watch some porn?" -- Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.

So .. I goto the titty bar, I get a bitchs number and my straight friend turns into a wanna-be cock fiend on the way home.

What the fuck.

It'll be funny to see how long he goes without calling me after last night. I am sure (or I am hoping) that when he comes too from being a lil fucked up .. he's gonna be horrified by the shit he said. That should be fun... I can't wait for that call... "Umm.. did I say anything strange last night?"

...."Nah! All good, you just said you were a repressed homosexual, that's all."

:) He's a good guy -- so end of story -- got eninem home safetly and without being ass raped or touched .. dropped him off... drove over the big, scurry, key bridge -- got my ice cream and coffee (gotta love dunkin donuts) and got home in one piece RaWr!

... eh, my life is boring -- what can I say..


  1. Not boring at all...I found it quite amusing actually. I had a similar incedent with my straight buddy once. To this day he has not mentioned it. The only difference is...ummmmm...I jerked him off.

  2. All I can say is DUNKIN DONUTS!! Sure I read the whole story, and I have had similiar ones... but what got me was the ending... Dunkin Donuts ;)