"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Wake me up before it's over

In my sleep you return, a ghostly memory, an apparition of what used to be or could have been.

In my dizziness you speak to me, your mouth moving quickly in black and white.  A silent film, filled with secrets and deception.  In circles we run, until the lines have blurred and the hunter pursued.

In my chaos we laugh and touch. Our smiles as wide as a Chesire's, our laughter filling the void that so many broken promises created.  A touch, once so earth shattering, feeling second hand.

What did it feel like that morning when you watched me step into the shower. When you heard me call to you and shot back a quick reply. How did it feel as you drove away, taking everything with you and leaving me behind. How did it feel watching the motel shrink in the distance? Did you ever think how it felt to stand there, calling your name and silence being the only answer. Alone in the middle of nowhere, with nothing and no one.

 As I sink into the quicksand that became the words which once gave me the ability to soar - I can hear your laughter, your sharpened words cutting deeper than any sword could.

How could I have fallen, again and again, for such a wicked Queen?  A fairy tale gone so bad with a love that won't go anywhere.

No happy endings, those were promises never meant for me.  Behind the words you poured out with such profound emotion... no more meaningful than the names you spoke, in lust filled moments, while ensuring my heart fully broken.

A wicked Queen, a fairy tale played out before me...  a broken dream.

When your mirror speaks the truth to you, when the tides set into motion return.... I'll be awoken.


  1. This is quite beautiful in a sense and very well written. Hopefully, we'll both find that someone... someday. ;) BIG HUG

  2. This is AMAZING.... Reading this made me tear just knowing how u felt and knowing what u went through.