"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Sunday, May 01, 2011

I have a life, here.

I made a prediction, you swore you would never allow to come true.

You made a promise, another commitment that you would never hold to.

The smiles and the laughter are faded images that I am not sure were ever meant for me.

Lies and deception, I held to your promises hoping they would someday come true. Always disappointed, a little heartbroken when I saw the truth.

How can you hurt someone you claim to love? How many lies can you tell? Do you rehearse the script, was there a prize you sought or was I a sport for fun?

You lied to me, to others, but what purpose does it hold? When inside of you, you know the truth regardless the facades you show.

My heart shouldn't ache, I shouldn't feel hurt, I knew all too well the secrets that you kept - but unlike you, my love is real and my promises kept without an agenda or goal.

I believed in you and now he can, too - the one you so quickly used to fill my place.

Just remember this, the heart you broke. the words you spoke and the promises you failed to keep are all in account.. a soul deep debt that is now yours to keep.

How could you hurt the one you love? The one who never stopped loving you. Why say words which were not true? When all the hurt you so freely gave out will only return to you?