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Monday, August 01, 2005

Hi! My name is...

Ahh, so here I sit before bed. Yes, I am really going to try and goto sleep before 2:00am -- talk about odd occurances. You might as well watch outside your window, you may see Haileys Comet fly by too.

This has been a weekend of good days, good times. It might be a bad thing, cause I might start expecting every day to be as enjoyable as these last few have been. This is going to mess up my version of reality, damnit. :)

Today (yesterday) Rebecca and I had the chance to go to a 'moving party' at N2's. Now, I love to socialize and I love to eat peoples food, but I've never been one for the 'house party' type of setting. Especialy when I am not familiar with many (or all) of the people who are going to be there. I can socialize and all that junk out at bars and stuff, but get me in someone's home and suddenly I feel a little nervous. Well, at least until the 4th beer....

This time was different, though. Everyone was just incredibly pleasant and welcoming. The whole house had this very cozy, inviting feeling to it. Not to mention, N2 does an incredible job at playing Host. So, instead of feeling nervous and out of place, it just felt like everyone and everything clicked well and moved along fluidly.

Rebecca enjoyed Sean (another blogger who is really fun. great energy and personality) and absolutely adored N2 .. who's Host skills have left her impressed.

I guess coming from a rather dysfunctional home -- I was really taken in by N2's family. His mother especially. She was very sweet, open, talkative and not that fake "oh let me be polite" talkative -- but really engaging and interested in the conversations she was a part of. The brother, wife and two kids were a sweet little family .. and the aunt who had an awesome smartass edge, but always that twinkle of fun in her eye, was fun to listen to.

What I didn't realize is that it seems people thought Rebecca and I were a couple -- which kinda happens often, but for some reason I thought the gaydars would have been stronger. :D

Simply said it was just a really fun time, wonderful people, and one golden host.

I still wanna know who called the stripper?! lol .. just kidding, damnit!

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