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Sunday, August 07, 2005

I need to learn from Oprah...

Okay, so is it really too much to want a talk show? Okay, well maybe not a talk show -- maybe a talk show meets MTv's boiling point meets Jackass. Just give me a TV camera, a crew, and let me go wild -- trust me the results would be entertaining. Well, at least to me... can't speak for the innocents in my path.

I've been sitting around thinking about my career. What does Jason wanna do? I've monster dot comed probably through 500 jobs, I've debated producing porno again, I've (for about 30 seconds) debated working for my father again.. but I think I'd rather sit thru a Cher concert before I did that. Oi vey!

So what would I enjoy doing? I'd enjoy winning powerball, I'd enjoy traveling and telling people about it -- that is my passion and what I've done for the last year. I'd enjoy working my creative side (a lil background in marketing, pr, and advertising there) --- I'd enjoy going out... I'd enjoy rambling on and on. I'd enjoy helping people and making a difference.

I got a charismatic gift for being able to go anywhere and mix well -- and for some reason I seem to be able to make people listen. That's another story, closely tied in with my past photographic and 'porn' stuff. Ahh.. those straight boys, they listen so well.

I also enjoy masturbating, but I don't foresee a career in that. Damnit.

It's really annoying. I mean, I gotta do something soon, my money won't last forever. Yet, it's hard to go from a year of being relaxed, traveling, and having fun to thinking "Ok what am I going to do that won't bore me..." Cause, ya know, employers can be really demanding of your time. Don't they know I have things to do. Bastards.

Then I just found out today that there is a gay TV Channel, owned by MTv, called Logo. I didn't know I got this gay Logo thing on my DirectTv! Channel 263 if you got DTv.

... which made me wonder why I don't have a show on there.

... which made me wonder what Oprah has that I don't. ((sigh)) Don't get me wrong, Oprah rocks....

Why can't world domination just be easier. Hmm.. maybe I should talk to Bush about that..

Ah fuck it....

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  1. Oh GAWD I can sooooooooo relate. I just had my 20 year anni here at work and I think...dammit there HAS to be more than this. I had a little run in a porno (webcam/website) business for a while but it was more of a hobbie for extra cash. I want to win the lottery too (it would prolly help if I bought a ticket...lol).