"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Fool's Prayer

One day two friends were talking about their relationships and broken hearts.  The one friend said, "I pray and pray, but God never seems to answer me!  Look how #1 cheated on me and then #2 was a liar.  Why won't God send someone special and good for me into my life?" 

Having listened intently, the friend broke eye contact and looked  off into the distance where someone else walked slowly away.

Then with a deep sigh, the other friend said "It is not that God never answered you, it is that you never listened to God.  Many people have come into your life, who cared for you very much.  There was #0 who was there for you when no one else would be, but you did not see them.  There were others, too, but you were always the same - too wrapped up to see what God had sent.  Picking a trophy over a genuine heart and a moment of lust over a lifetime of happiness.  Speaking the word love as quickly as you would say 'Hello' and ending each affair at the start of another."

The one friend started to speak, but was cut off as the other friend continued, "You make love empty and meaningless when so quick to use it.  You defeat the purpose of your prayers when you cannot see with your heart.  The person who was walking away, the one you never noticed, God had sent them just for you.  You never cared to see."

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