"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pack my ambien and book that flight! Papa's gotta get outta here!

Okay, someone please tell me why blogger never remembers my name and password - or even my name alone - when I click 'please remember me.' How is that supposed to make me feel, huh?! :)

I've been up since 2:00am, so I have not gotten the sleeping correctly portion of my "Major Life Changes" in order... yet. I am still gonna work on that one. Right now I am trying to stay awake until a normal hour. Hoping that I can crash and sleep until a normal hour. This remains to be seen. Wish me luck!

In two weeks I pack my bags for Salt Lake City. Ahh nothing like mormons and backstreet boys. For those uninitiated few, I kid you not, every guy in SLC looks like he walked out of a boy band. I am not saying if that is good or bad, just interesting. I also like the horrified look on their faces when you say the word "Fuck!" to them. In mormon tongue I believe it is 'friggin' which makes saying "What the fuck is friggin?!" even more enjoyable.

Nothing like tormenting some mormons....

It's going to be a short jaunt, with long layovers, to see the one of my best friends. It should prove to be an interesting trip. We're both a bit wild when we drink .. so who knows what'll happen. My next blog could possibly be a voice one from some jail cell in SLC. ;)

That trip is not my holiday, however. Jason needs a Holiday. Ooh yeah... Oooh yeah... some time to celebrate.. Ooh yeah... Ooh yeah...

..my bad, momentary gayness.

Not like I really do anything to be deserving of a Holiday. I fight with that a lot; the deserving part. I mean, it's not like I'm busting my ass working and cleaning and cooking. All the same, I have stress regardless and some time away would be friggin wonderful.

I long for sun (I'll burn in five minutes, good times.) and palm trees. Palm trees rock, you know. Wanna make me happy? Give me a palm tree. I prefer you give me a palm tree, in the yard of a house, in somewhere other than Maryland. However, I'll settle for one you blow up at this point.

I am debating Hawaii. I've never been there, I hear it is beautiful, it has palm trees, sun, and cool things. It is also a long ass flight, you're stranded on an island, it has volancoes, and who knows what you do while in Hawaii. I can't imagine it being as happening as say .. some country in Europe.

While I won't have to worry about the evil Euro to USD conversions, I've also heard everything in Hawaii is inflated beyond belief. Which kinda sucks. I wonder if I can plant a dollar bill...

.. don't try that yourselves. I did it when I was like six years old and to this day, the bastard has yet to grow or even come outta the ground.

I am trying to ramble and keep myself awake so I can have dinner with the N2 ninja tonight... I fear I am not going to make it. That really sucks...

I only have to last an hour and then drive 25 minutes.... I must.. hold... on...

lol -- bye for now.

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