"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm starting to feel that's a dangerous formula for the future...

"We're a society of people that want to ignore the bad things and just 'move on.' I feel that's a dangerous formula for the future."

It seems the older I become the more interested (obsessed) I am with the past. I've also gained a new found interest in current politics and our economy. As for politics, it is still limited; I do not believe we are a true democracy and I think elections tend to be the lesser of the two evils. It's business and like with any business, people are going to say and do what they need to 'get the contract.' What they do after they've won it... well that's a different story.

I think that Obama is interesting, not for his ethnic background (he is not entirely African-American and that, nor women, are a first as President in this world), but for the youthful and energetic charisma that he brings to the stage. All the same, I am sure people found Hitler youthful and energetic too. Look what that birthed.

Not that I am putting Obama in the same class or in any way relating him to the monster which rose out of Germany. I am simply saying, good character can quickly turn to something more sinister. It is a good rule of thumb to never be blinded by the dazzle of a person's charm.

I hope he can do something to bring our country around and improve our strained relations with our international community. I guess time will tell; he certainly has his work cut out for him.

So, with that, "good luck" to Obama and be the person you promised us you would be. Now, with the good said, it was brought to my attention that he cut White House salaries to anyone making above $100,000.00 a year. Okay, well I don't make $100,000.00 a year and I don't have sympathy for those that do (or did). However, what does that say? Those people will suddenly have to reorganize their lives. It may be good in the long run, but it is a fuck over off the bat. If you want to make an example, Mr. President, perhaps you could have cut your own salary as well?

Either way, let's stand behind him and support him. As with anyone, he needs the chance to show what he can do. Nothing happens in the span of a week; at least not the reworking of a nation.

Obama wasn't the purpose of this entry anyway. The purpose was our innate desire to forget the bad and move on. Do you realize that the Holocaust was, what, only 65 years ago? Do you think that is a long time? In the big picture it is moments behind us.

The Holocaust isn't the only 'bad memory' we have as a people; there is also Pearl Harbor, 911 and I am sure a slew of others. Both of a national level and a personal level. All the same, how often do we remember, discuss, or plan for our future with the thought of those bad memories guiding us?

Rarely. It is not the nature of people. We want to forget as quickly and as completely as possible all the wrongs we experience. All the hurt or pain. We want to move as far away from it as possible. My question is what does that distance cost us?

I think we live in an interesting time; filled with many paths that we can follow. So many choices to make in a world where everyone is our next door neighbor. Thanks to technology, we're no longer world apart.

Can we make the right ones?

I am not easily shaken by things. I think that its' important that we're able to be resilient in the face of whatever adversity we are hit with. Yet, the state of the world I think frightens me. I haven't come to terms with that one hundred percent, but I believe that's my honest feeling at the moment.

I hope that you, I and we make the right choices. I hope that we remember the past as we plan our future, that we learn from our mistakes - quickly, without repeating and that we learn and utilize the values of compassion, caring and understanding.

With that said, have you ever had a feeling that you just cannot shake? A 'knowing," if you will? Here are mine and they may seem just a bit 'out there.' I guess that's a given when coming from me:

1) Our dollar will rise and then suddenly fall beyond repair. We will end up merging our monetary system with that of the Euro. It may not change the face of our currency (I doubt the American people could handle that psychological change) but it will change meaning.

2) Islam will continue in faith and population until it is the dominate religion. Slowly growing as a peaceful religious system, with extreme factions (such as any religion in history) and then show unrelenting intolerance towards christianity and professed christians.

3) With the increase in military power of other countries and from pressure within the European Union our country will slowly lose its stance as a super-power. With that pressure, our allies will not be in position to stand in our defense as a completely soverign nation. While America may always be "America," our system of government will slowly change to a figure head and national spokes-person who answers to another authority.

4) The tele-tubbies, after rehab, will come out of the closet as always having consisted of a gay, transgendered and stoner. Not necessarily being the ones you assume them to be. The triangle was all a misleading pitch.

There you have it. My predictions. I hope it's nothing more than over-reaction at all the information being thrown out to us. Let's just use these things as mindfood. Let's think about our past and begin to make progressive and calculated steps for the future.

Let's understand that people may not believe what we do, or behave as we do, but that they are no less entitled to their free will than we are. Let's also remember that sometimes the cost of freedom is freedom itself.

Let's stop killing in the name of God, whatever you may call "him" and realize that God does not need to use our hand to 'smite his enemies.' God can create worlds, man, etc., God doesn't need any one to think that they are "his" ultimate fighting champion.

Let's give Hillary Clinton props. She's an incredibly strong woman, in the face of many obstacles and will likely be a powerful and positive force for our country in the White House. Plus, let her do some diplomatic talks on a PMS day -- who's going to fuck with her?

Let's remember that there is strength in unity to a common purpose and that there is power in kindness and love. All the hate and violence in the news gets really old. Another reason why I don't watch TV.

Let's all remember to remember.

...if you're still wondering, at this point, "yes, the tele-tubby comment was a joke."

Monday, January 19, 2009

deniager reven si emit

There is nothing more interesting, intoxicating or intriguing than the person who can speak in silence. The path that is held in their eyes or the journey they beg you to take.

Who hasn't wanted someone, something, to crave? Something to obsess over. After all, weren't we designed to obsess?

So unfortunate that the hand which wipes away our tears is often the one to beat our desires and consciousness into submission. Is happiness worth the price of a forced smile?

Is love worth submission?

What void do you constantly seek to fill in the arms of another? What demons chase you into uncharted territory?

In silence so much is spoken. Peace is nothing more than a journey in your mind's eye.

Love IS our obsession.

I have always been worthy and my love you've never experienced before.

This is all I have to give.

Not much, never enough.