"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Don't expect me to suffer fools...

Ack! I am having buyers remorse and despite the fact that I'm a jew -- I rarely ever have that. It's often the other way around -- I wish I'd have bought more stuff.

So today N2 met me at Annapolis Mall for some shopping and lunch. Even though I was still hurting from my Friday night adventures at Central ... it was still nice to see him. We got a salad, walked around and did the clothes hunt. Ahh what is it with clothes now? Every store has the same damn thing with a different tag on it. Nothing really wow stands out. Of course, Abercrombie & Fitch had some half naked, ripped up dude at their entrance .. I guess they are trying to fight the boring clothes issue with sexual appeal.

So N2 managed to find some nice jeans (Oakley jeans R O C K) and I picked up some shirts from A&F that I probably won't ever wear. It's cute when you buy 'muscle' cut clothes, but aren't umm muscular. ;) I guess I'll have to wait six months to wear that.

Then I had to have pizza... I crave pizza whenever I smell it. So I figured "what the fuck?!" I might as well enjoy eating like that now .. as it'll be stopping in all of two weeks. So, I am getting my fill of the bad foods while I can.

Overall the Mall Experience was nice. I came to a few realizations during it, for whatever good they serve.

...what gives you the right to touch me there?... fucking hilarious.

What I really should be writing about is last night! Holy fuck! What a crazy ass evening and of all places in Baltimore.

Between my stalker who flat out told my friend that if I didn't give up my ass to him, he'd simply rape me (yeah good luck killer...) -- to the guy whos underwear I pulled off while he was dancing half-naked on the stage (for what purpose I'm not sure) -- to the fucking shot that did me in and had me in awful pain for 45 minutes...

....It was definitely an interesting evening. Speaking of interesting evenings, I have to prepare for another one.... RaWr!


  1. Dayum...I want to come par-tay with YOU!

  2. LOL -- MMmmmm it could possibly wind us both up in jail, depending on what state I am partyin in ;)