"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Will you love me even when I do not love myself?

I friggin love this weather! As I sit here drinking my instant Chi Tea and eating corn from a can... the windows open... it's such beautiful weather. The air is crisp and refreshing, with a slight chill.

Tonight was nice and relaxing (sort of..) Chris H&M, Joe, and myself went to see The Corpse Bride. Nice movie and a sweet meaning behind it.

I wonder how they get the corn off the cob to pack into my can of corn? Just a random thought that hit me.

I've purchased my ticket and booked my hotel reservation for Prague this December. I am so looking forward to that trip. I've been wanting to visit Prague for the longest time. I am going to try to have at least one tourist day during this trip. I want some pictures... I regret not doing that in Italy, a bit.

I am hoping they sell fur coats in Prague, because I am on a mission to get a pimp coat while there. Italy was shoes (of course I bought a color that I can't wear with anything) and I have made Prague the pimp fur coat trip. I don't care if it is llama fur, zebra fur, synthetic fur.. I just wanna pimp coat damnit.

The two projects I am working on have me so overwhelmed. It is just so much to deal with between websites, design companies, programmer bids, outlines, advertising deadlines, special guest contacts, and trying to make development schedules and plans...

I just sit here in a daze -- like 'What do I do next?!"

The stress is making Delta.com look really good right now. They are having this kickin special for trips to Berlin.

I don't deal with temptation well and certainly not when it is trip or sex based. Sheesh, I'm only human-ish.

Tonight Joe turned me onto another gay cruise site. This one I was not aware of, but now that I've seen it -- it has me more on edge with my project. It can easily be improved upon and they do overcharge for memberships -- but still... it's just more saturation and more to work against.

I have a competitive nature when it comes to business. I like the challenge to out shine -- I just don't like the stress that is attached to that challenge. Oh well, we shall see what happens.

...and by sheer force of will, I will raise you from the ground and without a sound you'll appear resurrected to me to love.


  1. Haven't we met
    You're some kind of beautiful stranger
    You could be good for me
    I've had the taste for danger

    If I'm smart then I'll run away
    But I'm not so I guess I'll stay
    Heaven forbid
    I'll take my chance on a beautiful stranger

    I looked into your eyes
    And my world came tumbling down
    You're the devil in disguise
    That's why I'm singing this song

    -lil j

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