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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What is your difference?

I decided to go run some errands. You know me and my busy life. I had to go tan (c'mon, it keeps the complexion clear) and pick up some things for my trip and tattoo from Giant. Did I ever mention that Giant has an awesome salad bar? Fuckin yummy -- as I sit here chompin away.

At the checkout there was this little blue sign that said Giant was taking donations for Hurricane Katrina. Woohoo! I was a little shocked that the cashier didn't know how to ring the donation in. No one else had done one with her and the person before me and after me didn't do it either. Now, granted, who knows what else they've done to help -- or how much they've given. God knows, my little donation won't do a lot, but maybe it'll provide a warm meal for someone or a blanket, socks, or shoes.

That lead me to wonder who is doing what to help. There are so many people out there who make millions in entertainment or sports. People who dropping a million would never impact. Oprah Winfry, Bill Gates, sports stars, celebrities.... Are they doing that? Are they helping?

I don't watch TV so I'll never really know unless it pops up on MSNBC while I am online, but I am curious.

What has our President done? Did he delay his reaction and delay help because he was mad that this shit cut his vacation short?

I think it's funny how the religious right is now saying that this was God's punishment on New Orleans and God's way of stopping the big gay party down there that was scheduled for that week. Southern Decadence or whatever.

So, okay.. LA - AL - MI were all affected. People died - gay, straight, whatever.

These people are saying that God is one lousey ass shot!

What, you don't think God could target a location and who he wanted to take out with pinpoint accuracy? He needed to do the sweep attack instead? Had to have a little curve for error?

Fucking insane.

Before you go trying to tell people what God is doing ... as if you have him on speed dial or direct connect .. why don't you attempt to be more Christ like yourselves?

People.... what an amazing bunch we are. I want some pez.

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  1. Yea...people cane be really stupid. Coming from the church pre-coming out I KNOW just how ignorant they can REALLY be!