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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Avoid sex for a little while..

There is always time for a new first and this week has proved an interesting one. Now, it seems, that when I get ready to have an orgasm I get horrible spontaneous headaches. I am talking beyond migranes. Right when I am about to bust a nut and for a few moments after.

At first I thought it was odd, but didn't put much thought into it. Things happen and we all know that climax can be a really tense thing prior to the end result. It was the second time that I was about to get off and had this headache that I was begining to get a little worried.

More upset that I might have to endure headaches when trying to bust a nut than being bothered by the headache itself. That was until a friend of mine sent me a bunch of links regarding these sex-aches.

The links explained that these headaches sometimes occur in men and can last for an undetermined period of time.. then just stop. No big deal. The flip side was that it could be something more serious -- like internal bleeding.

Needless to say, the thought of something more serious freaked me out and I took my ass to the emergency room to have a CT scan done. I wanted to make sure that everything was alright inside my head. I am sure some people will still disagree that things are...

Why the emergency room? Well, I figured it would be quicker than driving an hour round trip to pay my doctor a $20.00 copay and get a piece of paper to go sit somewhere else and have the scan done. My doctor annoys me anyway. He's never been the same since the 'check up' that resulted with me hitting him in the chin (by accident!) with my dick...

So the emergency room sounded like a closer, quicker fix. I've learned that quicker is not the case with the ER. Even at 9:30am. However, after this ER experience, I really can't say I regret going...

When I finally got called back to my bed (E13) at around noon .. I walked in on a shared room with three other guys and two female 'sitters.' Kinda like adult babysitters... there to make sure no one does anything crazy or tries to leave. I think I was in a room with people that were not exactly there by choice.

That is where the fun began... the one 'sitter' who I spent most of my time talking to had also spent some time in Ashland, WI. Yeah, you probably don't know where Ashland is. You're not missing much. It's way up there in WI, but it gave us some common ground for conversation.

Then there was the sexy dude with tattoos who kept playing with his dick while he slept. Who I later found out was on probation from prison. Not sure why he had been in prison, I meant to ask, but got side tracked by his other conversations. It seems he was there because he tried to kill himself on anti-anxiety medication, but he had also been attacked by his pitbull while drunk. I'm not sure if the two had any relation to his being there .... but he was fun to talk with and decent eye candy. You gotta love hospital gowns, doesn't leave much to the imagination and he couldn't have hidden it too well anyway.

Why do I find those ruff ex-prison thug kinda dudes so hot?

The other two guys weren't anything exciting, but the one who came in right before I left added another touch of homo-erotica to my ER experience. Not only did he have to undo his gown to put it on a different way .. but don't people realize that when you're wearing a gown and lay in bed with your legs wide open you're not hiding anything. Maybe people aren't supposed to look - but shit, it beats out internet porn.

Okay.. enough of the hot dudes showing penis in the ER. The CT was done and things are normal. I give the doctor credit, he was trying very hard to be serious throughout the entire process. Although he broke into a little laugh when telling me to avoid sex for awhile and to try to 'take it slower' when I have an orgasm. Take it slower? wtf.... how do you take it slower?

It's really not something to fuck around with.. so when I 'resume' sexual activity or nut busting -- if the pain continues for more than a few moments I have to go back in right away and get more explorative tests done.

((sigh)) Now sex even has to have issues attached to it. Sheesh....

Anyway.. thanks to the beauty of insomnia, I once again haven't slept. So I am going to take a nap before I ramble away more in my tired state.

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