"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Friday, September 23, 2005

50 things about me....

1. I will say the things you're afraid to say. You can pretend that you're shocked or disgusted, but you know you think them too.

2. I won't sugar coat my views, thoughts, convictions. I won't lie to you.

3. My loyalty is without peer. When you have me, I will never break your respect or trust.

4. I am calculated. Regardless how it appears to you - everything I do or say is well thought out and with reason.

5. The more I drink the more lucid I become. Even if I have trouble walking at the time.

6. My favorite color is blue.

7. I love coffee ice cream - I love anything coffee.

8. Pets are cute, but I'd rather not have them.

9. Kids are cute, but I'd rather not have them. I can live vicariously through others.

10. Grocery shopping takes me forever - there are way too many choices and options.

11. I like having choices and options.

12. I'm a control freak.

13. I can never own enough shoes.

14. I hate the Crayola box of 64 crayons. For the same reason grocery shopping takes me forever.

15. I cook really well except when I am trying to impress someone.

16. I can be thoughtful to the point of looking neurotic.

17. I hate deceptive people.

18. I'm scared of the dark.

19. My house has tons of lights.

20. I'm tormented by my need for religious focus and truth.

21. I've only dated one person that I've remained friends with. I'm not even sure why I did that.

22. What you see is not what you get.

23. I appear energetic, exciting, flighty, and full of jokes.

24. I am really deep, thoughtful, introverted, sincere, and calm.

25. My bark is worse than my bite.

26. I'll fight in a heart beat if someone I care for is fucked with.

27. I put myself second to the people who I care about.

28. I have loved very few people.

29. I only cry when I'm alone.

30. I cry quite often and yet I can't explain why.

31. I'm scared to be alone in my house at night.

32. I can't take a shower unless I can see thru the shower curtain. It's why I have glass doors. They are a bitch to keep clean.

33. I've experienced everything in my life that I've ever wanted - except two things.

34. People remind me of cartoon characters.

35. I am not PC

36. I'm addicted to Ultima Online and The Sims2

37. I don't drink as much as it seems and I hate the taste of alcohol.

38. I smoke, but I hate the taste and smell of cigarettes.

39. I miss going to the gym, but I am too insecure to go alone.

40. I mask my insecurities well.

41. I mask all my emotions well.

42. I deal with situations, in my mind, before they occur - so nothing shocks me or takes control of me.

43. My favorite food is pizza.

44. Masturbation has become boring.

45. If I cum first, you're on your own.

46. I don't do drugs and I have little respect or sympathy for those that do.

47. I admire discipline in people.

48. The feature which draws me to people the most is their eyes.

49. I love photographs.

50. I'm very sentimental.


  1. We have something in common. Insomnia. It's a bitch. Oh yeah... and the pet thing. I can't deal with their smell. Cute from a distance for sure.