"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Shake Me Up

I am so exhausted. Another 26+ hours without sleep. I bitch about this way too often, when I have ambien sitting two feet from me.

Sleep is for the weak! RaWr!

I never did get the chance to ramble off about Utah. I keep meaning to and then I get side tracked. Utah was an awesome time. I miss it already. Not quite as much as I miss Italy, but still missed all the same.

My time with Chris is always incredible. There is no other guy that I can say I love. We have grown very close in our short six years. It's an interesting, exciting chemistry between two opposites. Remember the Odd Couple?

We've toyed with the idea of me moving out to Utah for a little while. It would benefit each of us in our own ways... and it's such a tempting thought. I've been thinking about it a lot lately.

I think I can deal with Utah. It's certainly not a DC, NY, or even a Baltimore. Yet, it has it's own charm. The mountains, fresh air, beautiful people.... and Chris, too. What more could you ask for really?

(a winning powerball ticket....)

Maryland has this strange pull to it. It reminds me of those chinese finger trap things. The harder you try to pull away, the more stuck you seem to be. I do want and need to get away from here. This place holds nothing for me. Except for three people I appreciate having in my life. However, all three can see me regardless where I go.

So between Utah, a year in Europe, and Florida -- I run through various ideas of places to go and set up home. Temporary or long term. Just an added flavor -- something to excite and stimulate. Not sure what will come of those thoughts, but I am sure something will sooner or later.

The good thing about going back into the online business is that no matter where I go -- I can work. Gotta love the Internet for that.

Speaking of the Internet business --- step one is complete. Things are in order and I am now finishing up with programmers and getting things prepared for implementation. After that comes a few weeks of hardcore production ...... then presto: a new online world is born.

.... I just hope the saying 'build it and they will come' holds true with this one.

Well time to get a shower. The mutual friend I share with my roommate had issues with their outbound flight this evening and they are back at my house -- wanting to go out. I feel bad for them so I decided, regardless of my lack of sleep, to take them out to Baltimore.

I guess I can go out looking like a swampdonkey... no big deal.

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