"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Monday, September 05, 2005

The Power of the Hypocrit..

Yay! Thanks to a friend, I was able to get my english-hebrew translation completed for my next tattoo. I'm a little sketchy (could be the lack of cigarettes causing an edge still) about how it's going to come out, but I think it should be pretty cool and a bit unique.

I'm almost done the inking ... just two more things I want to get done and I'm finished. Two more major points I want to express through the pain and extacy of being perma marked.

Last night Chris and I ventured to Lizard Lounge. LL used to be a weekly Sunday night tradition for us. Going last night reminded me of why we stopped in the first place -- I hate it. In fact, I got to share that hate with some hot colt looking dude from California. It's awesome how hate can bring people together.

Anyway -- it's HOT, the music is way too loud, it smells like the Eagle meets a perfume factory, because of all the people doing their drugs -- taking a piss is a time consuming task. Other than those few things, I guess it's a wonderful place to hang out.

I prefer to just drop things over the catwalk on the people below. That always proved entertaining.

So as the annoyance of LL peaked, Chris and I took off for Secrets. A much smaller crowd and a bunch of familiar people made it more pleasant.

I need to take some time off from the constant weekend nights out. Not because of drinking too much ( you can never do that ) or the finance side of it ... but just to detach from the other unhealthy aspects. It's fun, the attention is flattering, but it's also false and fleeting.

Daily I grow more annoyed with the hidden agendas of people.

Duality is something I can relate to. If you're hard & soft, shallow & deep, serious & flighty -- I can handle that. I can even understand it. It's the people who are one thing, yet hide behind the mask of another persona that really irritate me.

If there are two things I really hate in this world .. they are Cher songs and fake people.

Living life as if time is an unlimited resource. No thought to the lack of guarantees. No plan or focus. Just playing the game and rewriting the script.

Who am I to say anything, though...

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