"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Friday, November 04, 2005

Silence can be golden...

I haven't written much lately. Not because things haven't been going on, things are always going on, but simply to take a time out and reorganize some thoughts and feelings.

Due to the costs of this new business venture - or renewed business venture - I am back to the 9-5 grind. Not too crazy about it, but I haven't much choice. Between three upcoming trips and the business -- the extra income is a must have.

I made the decision to take TC with me to Prague and Rome. That trip is just about four weeks away and I'm starting to feel the anxiety. I prefer to travel alone, but I like this dude and the look on his face when I offered was ... well it was just a look that you don't easily forget. So I get him alone for eight nights ... on a whirlwind trip between countries. If it makes him happy, awesome. He makes me happy and he doesn't even realize it.

To say I am extreme is probably an understatement. I am sure a couple of my close friends and people I've dated can attest to that. It's part of my personality -- I am not half ass about anything and if I like you .. I wanna do shit.. go places.. have fun.

I also tend to express myself in those ways. Which can sometimes be misunderstood. I can understand that, though. It's easy to question peoples motives for the things they do or give -- we all know that 80%+ people suck.

Well this will have to be my short dose of ramblings for now. I am back at work, business is progessing slowly but surely, I get to go away with someone that is 'kick ass,' and all is well.

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