"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Life Should Taste As Good As Jason..

And I can say that. I've tasted myself. Not quite as addictive as say a hostess hoho, devildog, or twinkie.. but still not too bad, either.

Not that I would dare to eat any of those things right now. I am starting to see results from being back in the gym again -- woohoo! -- and the last thing I wanna do is fuck that up. I need to get something more out of my $25.00 a month than just the enjoyment of the lockerroom.

The adult sites are moving quickly along. We should be done and online soon. I am still torn with it, but I have no choice but to push forward and do it now. Too much time and money invested at this point to back out. Moreso, too much pressure from the 'awaiting' public - which really boils down to .... too many people that know me, know I am doing this. I won't accept failure.

I'm just a modern day Robin Hood. Everything to a good end.

I am hoping that this manifests itself into what I need so that I can get outta here. I want away from Maryland. Hell, I really want away from the states as a whole. I'd like to spend some time living in Europe. A few countries are on my possible list, London being one of the dominate ones. I think London would suit my personality and my desire for things to be 'happening' all the time around me (ie: chaos) -- while providing places for peaceful times also.

Plus I wanna cash in on this lucrative pound/sterling ......

It's only two weeks (and a day or so) before ThunderCat and I goto Europe. Ahh.... I won't want to leave again, I already know that. Christmas shopping in Prague will be beautiful and another short hop over to Rome for an incredible caffe frida (sp) and a romantic stroll through beautiful piazzas and to touch things that have stood since Christ himself. Such an amazing city, full of life and passion.

But for now... here I sit in an office working away... everything is temporary and most everything is possible. Just how far are you willing to go to achieve those dreams is the question.. how much are you willing to sacrifice... how bad do you want it?

I want it more than Martha Stewart wants to conquer the world -- and that's a lot.

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