"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wouldn't it be better if I loved you less...?

Sometimes maybe it would be better if you loved me less...

These are my hands but what can they give me
These are my eyes but they cannot see
These are my arms but they don't know tenderness

and I must confess that I am usually drawn to sadness - and lonliness has never been a stranger to me, but love tried to welcome me.. but my soul drew back. Guilty of lust and sin, loved tried to take me in...

These are my lips but they whisper sorrow
This is my voice but it's telling lies

I know how to act, but I don't know happiness and I must confess
instead of spring its always winter and my heart has always been a lonely hunter...

Still love tried to welcome me, but my soul drew back. I was covered with dust and sin...

Love tried to take me in
Love tried to break me.

ahh... the joys of music.

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