"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Thursday, July 28, 2005

My penis doesn't listen...

My cock is like that dude above. Agile and quick to fire off several rounds. My cock is like a cross between a Ninja (sorta HERO) and a secret agent (sorta Matrix style).

I admire my cock for those reasons. Well, I admire it for a few other reasons, too. It's friendly (for the most part), easy to look at, and plays well with other cocks -- it can even get along with an asshole or two. Much better than I can.

But ...my cock simply doesn't listen! Too damn stubborn and here I thought I was bad.

It's kinda like I was when I was 15. A rebellious, stubborn kid who is going to do simply what I want, when I want. My cock is definitely at that phase of it's life.

I tell it to get hard, it says no. I tell it to NOT get hard and it does anyway. I go to sleep, just to wake up with my hand down my pants and my cock ready to go. I swear it reachs for my hand while I am passed out.

Sometimes when I get angry.. I even choke the bitch. Slap it around a little. However, my cock must be into S&M since it simply gets hard and ends up getting off over it.

My cock is a bastard. Yet, I can't help but love it. I mean, it's part of me ya know? I even make deals with my cock -- like you do this for me and I promise I'll get you that new necklace. It doesn't always take to bribes, but sometimes it works out.

I am sure I'm not the only one with a cock that doesn't listen. Cocks can be stubborn bastards, let me tell you. Not too mention my cock is a very competitive cock. It's always trying to compare itself to the other cocks. Not a very nice habit, but what can you do? A cock will do what it wants.

Speaking of that.. my cock is calling me. I guess it wants some attention again. I'll have to write more later.


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