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Sunday, July 17, 2005

It ain't just for gays anymore!

Okay, I firmly believe that if men were turned into a cartoon -- that would be what the show was called. Screw pokemon ... well I'm sure if pikachu bent over, someone would plow his little electric ass.. but that's my whole point!

What is the obsession with sex? I mean don't get me wrong, I'm all about it, but I am also happy to throw in a porno and beat myself into an orgasmic frenzy. Cause I know that once I bust that nut, whatever had me so worked up - probably won't anymore. So masturbation is kind of like a safety-switch.

What I don't get is why you cannot go online without 1001 instant messages appearing with questions like "How big is your dick?" "PNP?" "Host?" "Im married and bi with 10 kids are you discret?" "top or bottom?" "you like to bb with some pnp on my pp?"

What the fuck?!

It's like people are on this constant quest to bust a nut. Whatever happened to meeting someone you like, hanging out with them and having a little more to the encounter than just some jizz and a hole?

I mean, don't get me wrong, I've had my share of trashy encounters. You know, the ones where you or the other party leaves the house doing the fuck strut or walk of shame.. okay, I'm human, but isn't there a time when you (should) grow out of that?

I don't know if the dudes at the bar hugging their boyfriends while checking someone else out or trying to suck someones dick in the bathroom while their boyfriend waits, unaware, at the bar upsets me more than the 42 year old married man with a wife and kids online trying to get a guy to blow or fuck him.....

People can say to each their own, yeah okay fine - but the shit just turns my stomach. Forget six degrees of separation we're working on more like 1 to 2 degrees of separation. Everyones sticking everyone else, who's doing someone that's did someone that's done you.... oh yeah that is just so damn hot.

You know what give me one person and I'll be content. Well, give me one monogamous person and I'll be content. Someone it can be special with and that you can explore yourself (and themselves) with. Even more so, give me someone I can walk in public with, without nine out of ten people patting me on the back saying "Good job tiger! I did em too!"

And if you want to know if "I party" -- yeah fucker, I do party, like it's 1999....

.... c'mon guys, we don't need to be obsessed for dick.. we got our own.

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