"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wisdom is not defined by age, but by experience alone

There is a person I've known for a while now... just a friend from online. Over time the scope of our friendship grew and more personal thoughts and feelings shared. We've discussed life, love, religion, and dreams...

Tonight she shared with me her online journal... and like a song, it spoke to me in ways that are too profound to explain. Tonight I also learned that wisdon is not defined by age, but by experience alone -- and her journey is one that I walked along... clinging to the words I read on the screen... like a good novel that you cannot put down. One that you can relate to and one that inspires you.

It also enlightened me. It put into words a feeling that I could not express, because I thought no words existed to express it. Now there are and thanks to her I will copy those words here ... now able to express something stirred up inside of me by someone who doesn't know:

He will always be living art.

Everyone is living art to me. I was infatuated with this particular person so because he was delicious in pieces- his hands, his eyes, his walk, his lips- but not as a whole. As a whole he was as defective as I am, and two defects don't equal one good person. But he was beautiful and I continue to study people in the same way. I've probably done it to you.

.. thank you Tee.

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