"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Monday, September 11, 2006

I have a kid...

Okay, perhaps a little furry and big eared for a normal kid, but a kid nonetheless. I was gifted with an adorable, little puppy named Scrappy a few weeks ago. While I first thought his addition to my home was ill-timed, with the sudden loss of my job at Jeepers when the new owners took over, I have come to the conclusion his timing couldn't have been more perfect.

While he does require a lot of attention, affection and 'No! Not on the carpet!" His being here has added to a sense of calm... it's always nice to have something that needs you and is so loving. Not to mention,

Well, not to mention needs to wait... since I just got an annoying phone call.

Will post more later.


  1. how bout calling your big gay friend stuck in dc??

  2. Sorry to hear about your Job hope things work out for you, those chia's can be really nice, I might suggest the chihuahua's for dummies book though it really helped when my room mate got one.

  3. it's about goddamn time... i wanted to get you one for a long time, but thought you'd just get all pissy-faggot with me... hope that new twink is treating you well, er else i'm gonna have to kick his ass... call me, you stupid fuck.