"Time doesn't always mend a broken heart."

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Perfection leaves no room for movement, but a worthless life does not move period.

So recently I decided to add places like manhunt.net and adam4adam.com to my list of sites that I belong to and visit. I won't get into the reasoning behind those two sites, but trust that it wasn't for the plethora of available dick and sloppy ass that comes with it.

It was, as I like to call it, for research purposes. Not that I really needed to research what I already knew, but it re-kindled in me some of my deep rooted feelings about the gay lifestyle and homos in general.

My profile explicitly says: no hookup. However, I think 'no hookup' must be the new gay slang for "bend me over and fuck me like a heroine addict!' because that doesn't seem to stop people from trying to press themselves (and their cocks) all over me.

I feel sorry for the really sexy people; that must be a hell of a lot of available cock to work through.

It's just every place you look that is attached with the word "Gay!" there is only one major, repeating, topic: SEX.

Everyone is out trying to get their nut. Single, boyfriend, dating, married (real nice guys, bet your wife loves that!) it doesn't matter, they are on the prowl.

It's like there is no strong, stable foundation to a gay relationship. It is built off the premise of sex. In my mind, the outline of two guys getting together follows this rough timeline:

Ah he's hot, big dick...nice. I'll sleep with him. UH OH! I kind of like him, okay we'll date. UH OH! Damn, we've fucked in every way you could think of and then some that I never knew... now he's kind of boring. UH OH! That guy over there is pretty sexy... UH OH! Let me go hook up with him and add some spice to this relationship...

And so the cycle goes. Before you even try to assume that I am just bitter or jaded, truth be told, I am not either of those. I am realistic and if you're gay and would like to say the lifestyle is something else, please correct me if you can. Just don't be mad that I call it out for what it is. Or maybe, just for what the moral majority of homosexuals make it.

How can you bitch and cry about not having an equal place in society when the only thing that your intimate relationships revolve around are being a whore? You reap what you sow, guys. True, as a whole gay people give great things to society: nice fashion, make up tips, reality tv shows just to name a few - but when it comes to stable relationships built on two people coming together as one soul to build a future.. ya all are kind of lacking.

It doesn't need to be that way and what are you gaining out of it? Some good sex? That'll take you places and last a lifetime, huh? Maybe if you don't catch an STD that you can't cure in the process. Does anyone else ever stop and ask themselves, "Is this really worth it?"

Gay, straight, whatever you are there has to be more to life and relationships than who the better fuck is or who the hotter guy (or girl) is. It seems that everyone is so quick to hop in bed, for a little while and then hop right back out to find something new and better. That's often without there being any real 'problems' in the relationship and when there are problems, it's just a quicker get the fuck out.

What about reconciliation? Couple counseling? Heart to heart talkes where a large goal is set that can be reached through small steps? What about soul-mates and lovers?

Everyone loves the fuck out of their boyfriend at least for the first couple months and hell, we all know in the gay world, that word love can quite often hit you within the first two weeks of dating a guy. So wait, maybe it's not our lifestyle that's fucked up?! Perhaps it's our idea of what love exactly is and means?

Either way, I am going to keep on being a homo. Keep on keeping on with being down on the cock (just hopefully my boyfriends and not some random guy from online) - but I am also going to keep on waiting to see something change for the positive in our community.

Maybe one day the truth will snap into everyones consciousness and we'll see a great change. Or, then again, maybe another bathhouse will open. Who knows, right?


  1. I can't believe the guy before me had nothing to say about this piece of writing! Jason this is pure genius. I couldn't agree with you more and I'm so tempted to steal this writing to my blog. You have pinpointed a huge problem in the gay world and I really hope one day it'll sink in and hit us all.